As Sze Tsung Leong pointed out, shopping evolves.

Yesterday, I took a Virgin America flight, and we had to order all our food through a Linux powered touch screen interface.  You add items (including free items like water) to a cart, then press checkout and the flight attendant brings you your item.  The lady next to me tried to ask the flight attendant for water, and she was told to order through the screen.  Now they can track what you do over a flight by what seat you were in and what activity you engaged in.  If airlines sell this information to companies it could be big business.  Facebook and Google already do this.

M.I.A. has a song in which the chorus warns that “The Google connects you to the government,” and Egypt provides an example of how far governments are willing to go to control its people’s internet usage.  But, what scares me more is how corporations use and control the information we willingly give them.