Weekend Soundtrack. On repeat. (RIP Uncle Hugh, and shout out the one time I waited in line to meet you and you were semi-annoyed by my bumbling starstruckedness). (at Los Angeles, California)

“This mix is a journey through the range of my emotions coping with the dystopia we are living in. 2017 was a really intense year for a lot of us and the political anxiety in the U.S. for folks, especially immigrants, people of color, and queer and trans communities, is palpable. I wanted to make a mix about defiance, about rising above white men in power, about not losing yourself in the bullshit, fighting hard, maintaining joy, being gentle with yourself, and the power of letting go and shaking your ass through it all. It’s a rallying cry going into 2018. ” – @djushka

Being both a former TPS and Visa lottery country, Sierra Leone was def one of the names listed off that prompted Trump to say “shithole country” yesterday. This is River No.2 (at River 2 Beach)