For 5 Days I tracked everything that went in (and out) of my body.

Because I’m not working, and have little income I tend to try and not leave the house. Leaving the house costs money. My eating habits are reflected in that. I live in a neighborhood with a diverse selection of foods, but maybe not the most healthy options. My eating habits are reflected in that.

I started tracking my eating on Tuesday February 8th. I ate breakfast in the morning at home, but ended up going to study at The New School’s library. I ended up going to get a falafel and pita when I saw a sign advertising a deal. Whenever I am at school, I usually try to stop at my favorite restaurant, African Cuisine, and grab something on the way home. I alter my train route home just to get there. I can eat a hearty meal for $2-$3 dollars there.

On Wednesday I had to go to class, but also left the house to DJ at a club in Manhattan. Since I didn’t have to go to class until the afternoon I was able to eat both breakfast and lunch at home. This helped me save money, and if we’re gonna get socially conscious… cut down my waste as well. I usually eat Cheerios for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch with the ingredients I buy at my local Key Foods.

Sometimes, when I don’t have time… a lot of times when I don’t have time, I eat dollar pizza. I usually go to the same place by the West 4th Street Subway stop. I usually by two slices and a coke. It costs $2.75.

The DJ gig that night was at a place called Don Hills, where I opened for the great rap group 9/11 Thesaurus. Buy their album when it comes out in a couple weeks!

I drank 2 beers.

On Thursday once again I was able to eat at home. I ate the same thing as the day before. Eating on a budget gets boring. So after a long week of studying and classing, I decided to treat myself to a meal that I tend to miss living on the East Coast… Tacos!

Not that you can’t find Tacos in NY, but in the Bay Area I survived on Mexican food. In New York, some good Mexi-Cali style corn tortilla, cilantro, onion, salsa picante, pastor, limón tacos cost $7.50.

Still, they were good. The place was called La Superior and it’s in Williamsburg, BK.

It’s what they call “Home food”, but as I move around I find that everywhere I go I miss food from somewhere else.

That night I drank 3 beers?

On Friday the Egyptian people rose up, and Mubarak stepped down:

I ate Cheerios and a sandwich. Then had another DJ gig with the FAM, Dutty Artz! It was a fun party. Come to them. They’re the 2nd Fridays of every month at the cove.

I was running out of time before the gig so I ate a Turkish Style Döner Kebab from Bedford Street in Williamsburg. I ate and threw everything away at the bar.

I drank % beers.

On my way home my taxi driver, maybe sensing that I was having a little too much fun decided to give me lessons on moral behavior.

On Saturday I had to wake up early (10:00, ha!) to go to French Class.

Since I was not in the best of shape, after little sleep and… hm… you know… I needed to put something in my body. I started with water, but it wasn’t keeping my alert (or mentally functioning) in class.

I don’t drink coffee. I went to Starbucks and got coffee. I ate an “Artesian Breakfast Sandwich”. I’ve always had the impression that Starbucks was an evil place. I didn’t seem so bad.

I feel like I’m going to start drinking coffee because of New York.

I recycled? 🙂

Then I went home and got more comfort food at African Cuisine. I passed out, woke up a few hours later, and decided I couldn’t leave the house. I ate whatever I could find.