From vickieremoe: “It has been reported that Papa Wemba has died on stage in #cotedivoire Roi est mort! Long live the King! Rest in Sape. Really no one like Papa Wemba. Hate him or love him, that voice, you wouldn’t know you were somebody if Papa Wemba ain’t sang your name in a song. What?! All these small Yeye boys trying to be fabulous like seriously you don’t know African divo or Manbulosity until you have seen life and crooned like Papa Wemba. My mom is going to be so sad when I tell her. There would be no Magic System if there wasn’t no Papa Wemba. Like seriously man, what an artist. #RestInPeace #FunkDaddy #KingofRhumba #KingofCongo #SonofCongo #PapaWemba” on Instagram